The Museum Of Microcassette Art: Andrew Chadwick “Micromysteries”

Andrew ChadwickMicromysteries
The Museum Of Microcassette Art

Recorded non-linearly from August to October 2013 in Gainesville, Cape Canaveral, Viera, and Orlando, Florida, as well as Virginia and West Virginia.
Side A features amidst other things Arkm Foam on banjo in a duet with Jenifer Gelineau on violin followed by the voices of Id M Theft Able, Rat Bastard & Newton and fragments of music selections by DJ Dr. Quinn at the Voice of the Valley V fest from August 16-18, 2013 in Chloe, West Virginia.
Side B features interactions with the YouTube video “Hal McGee and his new dog take their first long walk — Gainesville, Florida” along with many other things.
Rosemarie Romero, Hal McGee and Big Whatever are prominently heard throughout both sides along with many other friends heard less often.
Recorded for Hal McGee’s Museum of Microcassette Art, long may it hiss.
Photographs and all microcassettery by Andrew Chadwick.
Recorded with a Realistic Micro-18 microcassette recorder.

“Chadwick is one of the true masters of microcassette audio art, and on “Micromysteries” he takes it all to a new level, and has created his greatest work yet. Highly intimate and personal (you’re right THERE with Andrew), yet abstract, funny, mundane, and much more, “Micromysteries” is an investigation into the mechanics, the physicality of the microcassette medium itself, as a tool for re-constructing reality via pause button edits of time, fragmented, spliced, diced, rewound and fast forwarded into a microreality that defies linear reality, and explodes notions of past and future into one NOW. I won’t give it all away by describing in advance this smorgasbord of audio delights. This IS the sound of microcassette, and I am now intimately familiar with the unique humming tone of Andrew Chadwick’s microcassette recorder in the spaces between fragments.”

– Hal McGee

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Random Gear Festival 2013

Random Gear Festival #2

The Random Gear Festival is a conceptual celebration of the excitement and spontaniety of avant sound in which performers are randomly assigned an assortment of non-traditional instruments and objects (not necessarily of any musical nature) and expcted to improvise live for a duration of at least five minutes and up to fifteen. The results of this process will likely be varied, confounding, and questionable. Nothing will be proven.

Join us for “signature sound” shattering sets from:

Mindless Attack
Noise Nomads
Russian Tsarlag
Rat Bastard + God Willing
Angela Sawyer
Unicorn Hard-On + Newton
Luke Moldof
Cool Dog + Party Tom
Egg, Eggs
Spiritual Recess
Mark Johnson + Kylie Lance + Dave Public trio
Mario Sisters
Zane Clave
Farewell My Concubine
Andrea Pensado
Smokey Joe w/ Wendy and JP
Brown Recluse Alpha
Adam Morosky + Cordey Lopez

@ Dungeon C – Providence, Rhode Island

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FAR OFF SOUNDS – The Rogue Generator Shows of Tampa

Far Off Sounds, Episode 2
There’s a gang of guys and gals in Tampa who, frustrated at the lack of venues for their experimental sounds, took to the streets in the early 2000’s to perform under bridges, in alleyways, in construction sites, and scores of other semi-public spaces. We went down to Tampa to meet these mavericks and to see how an outdoor, illegal noise show differed from a dark and stuffy one in a crowded basement or bar.

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Voice of the Valley Noise Rally 2013 – 5th Year Anniversary

Voice of the Valley Noise Rally 2013 - 5th Year Anniversary

Tusco/Embassy Press & Stop Dreaming Records

Friday August 16th 2013

I’d M Thfft Able
Andy Ortmann
The Soft Pink Truth
Telecult Powers
Toe Ring
Bang! Bros.
Cold Pizza

+ DJ V.I.P. (Leslie Keffer)

Saturday August 17th 2013

Leslie Keffer
Bats From Pongo
Leprechaun Catering
Bromp Treb
Laundry Room Squelchers
Clang Quartet
Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman
Cane Swords

+ DJ Outmode

Sunday August 18th 2013


Nautical Activity Tent

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International Noise Conference USA Tour 2013: Philadelphia


Rat Bastard‘s touring noise circus returns to Philadelphia.

15 minutes or less per act

Laundry Room Squelchers (Miami Beach, Florida)
Galway (Melbourne, Australia)
Temple of Bon Matin (Pompano Beach, Florida + Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Terco Wrecker (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Embarker & Brian Osborne (Brooklyn, New York)
McCord (Brooklyn, New York)
500mg (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Drums Like Machine Guns (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Ruined (Allentown, Pennsylvania)
Are We Soaking Wet? (Wilmington, Delaware)
Kohoutek (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Sexual Assault Rifle (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Ian Fraser & Jesse Kudler (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Burak + Tinnitustimulus (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Foot and Mouth Disease (Rochester, New York)
Savage Relatives (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Mad Lord Acid Arm (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Colin Helb (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Return of the Wolf (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Pony Payroll Bones (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Forest Kingdom (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Cosby, Styles, Slash, and Chung (Lansdale, Pennsylvania)
Some Pepper (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

+ DJ Newtronix

recording and live broadcast by ZRadio

@ Pageant: Soloveev – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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