Avant Fairfax 2011

Caves Caverns
Black Twig Pickers
Michael Chapman
Human Adult Band
Drums Like Machine Guns
Ca$h $lave Clique
Nathan Bowles & Scott Verrastro

@ Fairfax Old Town HallFairfax, Virgina

Two guys walked around the audience making wailing sounds like whining hedgehogs with the occasional exploding sound. Before they came to the front and uncloaked, I figured out that one of the sounds was balloons popping. Then, it became clear that all sounds were and would be balloon related. The two masked men proceeded to blow up balloons, pop them, release the air through pinched stems, use a helium tank, and then some. They stuffed balloons under their cloaks and did a few sumo moves to pop some more. I am not sure I can make this sound as good as it was. Ludicrous? Of course, but the humor was good and quite honestly, I thought the sounds created were better than many of the noise bands I am exposed to. Ultimately, this act lived up to its name.” – David Hintz, DC Rock Live