Raw Meet 10

Raw Meet 10 Friday April 26th 2013 Scott Stapp Hunnie Bunnies Unicorn Hard-On Sebastian Slaughter Father Finger Time Ghost Jeff Zagers Phantom Selector Embarker The Idiots Painted Faces / Mr. Transylvania Angela Sawyer Some Pepper Jenny Moon Tucker Arkm Foam Ben Hersey Radio Shock Human Adult Band Anthro Rex Friendship Ceremonies Eggs Eggs Morgan Evans Weiler Gay Shapes Dinners Tooms Saturday April 27th 2013 Andrea Pensado Noise Nomads Newton Diagram…

Avant Fairfax 2011

Caves Caverns Kohoutek Black Twig Pickers Michael Chapman 500mg Mutwawa Human Adult Band FUN Frankzig Drums Like Machine Guns Ca$h $lave Clique Nathan Bowles & Scott Verrastro @ Fairfax Old Town Hall –Fairfax, Virgina “Two guys walked around the audience making wailing sounds like whining hedgehogs with the occasional exploding sound. Before they came to the front and uncloaked, I figured out that one of the sounds was balloons popping….