Newton (pronounced: NOO-tən) is the moniker of experimental musician and sound artist Mat Rademan (b. 1979), born and based in the Philadelphia major metropolitan area.

Rademan has created a prolific and profound catalog of recordings, live performances, films and installations since the project’s inception in 1995. His sound works are a singular blend of electronics, pedals, voice, cassette recorders, contact microphones, and occasional nonmusical devices. Seamlessly incorporating various techniques of musique concrète, noise music, turntablism, Fluxus, anti-music, field recording, glitch, and sometimes even performance art into his work, the result is a tightly composed sonic assault steeped in both theory and practice as can only be achieved by a seasoned veteran. Rademan also runs the prolific Philadelphia sound label Breathmint, founded in 1995.


photo by Hiroko Hasegawa

Past and/or Present Member of: FUN . Lotus . Milton . Morally Gray . New Or Human? . R.L. Stein . Sanguine Piss . Sanguine Vessel . Seekers Of The Claw . Simple Conformists . Strike Out .Whine .

has recorded and/or collaborated with: 2673 . Andrew Gaspar . Antler Piss. Arnoux . A.S.D. . Asps . Autio-Ethnik . Carlos Giffoni . Cock E.S.P. . Dave Smolen . Doug Polgardy . E.W. Hagstrom . Gang Wizard . God Willing . Hepatitis (D) Youth . Jesse Kudler . Kilt . King Darves . Knifestorm . Loop Retard . Mildew . Mindflayer . Monotract . Mouth 2 Mouth . Naturaliste . Neon Hunk . New Faggot Cunts . New Flesh . NOfi . Noumena .  Privy Seals. Rat Bastard . Rat Piss Aquarium . Right Arm Severed .  Russian Tsarcasm . Sick Llama . Skeleton Warrior . Skinny Winners .  Slow Owls . Steve Albini . Tan As Fuck . Thurston Moore . tinnitustimulus . Unicorn Hard-On . Work/Death . Wrong .