Newton “Japan Souvenir Disc 2015”

Japan Souvenir Disc 2015 cover
NewtonJapan Souvenir Disc 2015

originally released in physical form as a CDr in a edition of 50 by Breathmint for the
Slasher Risk / Newton – Japan 2015 Tour.

CDrs were housed in cardboard sleeves

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Newton “Can I Borrow A Feeling?”

NewtonCan I Borrow A Feeling?
Bonescraper Recordings

60 minute sound collage created by Newton (Mat Rademan of Breathmint). Not known for performing longer than fifteen minutes at a time. Newton demonstrates a solid long form technique blending field recordings into harsh cut up textures throughout the two thirty minute sides. – Jeff Hartford (Noise Nomads, Bonescraper Recordings)

Can I borrow a feeling2

Can I borrow a feeling3

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Various Artists “Three Eleven”

Various ArtistsThree Eleven
Mabson Enterprises

A collection of covers, remixes, and interpretations of songs by 311 released on 3/11/15, 3:11am. This compilation was collected via social media by Kyle Mabson.

Tracks by: 18+, 311 Calls Guitar Center, Adam Kadabra featuring Big Daddy Ghost, Bindle Boys, Brown Swarm, Bubblegum Octopus, Chaki, d. gookin & cole blooded, Damien Blaise, Darc Meriso, David Estrin, Dirty Preston feat. Snoop Dogg Skrillex and Korn, dj mdmHEY, dj Skull Vomit, future hunter i.p.a., Geoff Geis featuring error0x0000034, GNARVANA vs Mammers311, Hot Whale, I.E., Illuminati Sex Party, J-Dawg, J. Dendê, James Bong, Jerry Garcia’s Ghost, LiL PDF, Mailer Daemon, Matthew Teardrop, Mom Jeans featuring Yoko Ono, Newton, Nick Vexum, p.sparrow, ParallaxScroll, Poingly, Rich Seymour, Riddler Smoke, SatisHouse, Schizoid, Sean Carnage, Sich Mang, Simo Soo, Sperm Snake, sqrl, Sxorpia, Tabor Mountain, The Cure, THPS2botjf, Three One One, Treasure Mammal, Who is Jackie Sheets, WolfAnimalTV, Zombelle

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Various Artists “Big Pennsylvania Noise Compilation”

Big Pennsylvania Noise Compilation
Various ArtistsBig Pennsylvania Noise Compilation
Kill Collector Culture

The Big Pennsylvania Noise Compilation is the 4th release in the One Nation Under Noise project, a series of free, downloadable & streamable collections of tracks from artists from each individual State in the U.S.A.

Tracks by: 185668232, A Life of Arctic Sounds, Anna Azizzy, Birthie, Brother Ong, Buoyhood, Burnout Warcry, Check Engine Palace, Christian Mirande, Crown of Eternity, Curious and Ruin, D.Rifle, Daywand, Guillermo Pizarro, Highseer, Holocene Ensemble, Hunted Creatures, Margaret Cox, Mark Emhoff, Mike Tamburo, Morgan Tindall, Nevhar Anhar, Newton, OMNIVM, Onewayness vs. Alex Wilson, Owner, RAQVB, Requiem, RJ Myato, Ryan Emmett, Satyr/Elfheim, Skeletonized, Stephen Boyle, SUPERVOLCANO, Tape Monster, The Butterfield Conspiracy, The Garment District, Ventriloquist, Whoopsydaisy

Please note: this compilation is not a complete or comprehensive roster of all Pennsylvania noise and experimental music artists, just the ones that were willing to contribute.
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Various Artists “re-c-c”

Various Artistsre-c-c

After c-c released his first album (“Muse Ick Fact Or Y“) in 2007 a few unsolicited remixes trickled in, which started this snowball rolling. The result is a collection of 36 remixes/reworkings/reinterpretations by artists from a wide variety of mostly electronic genres of c-c’s hamfistedly recontextualized & regurgitated sounds, essentially remixes of remixes. What was broken has now been pieced together in to new forms — some fixed, some further broken, the sum of the new versions eclipsing the source. This collection of remixes works as a diverse & fascinating compilation in its own right, the common source material often a loose thread that disappears from audibility altogether.

Features remixes by The Viirus, Dim Past, Undulations Marcel, Hifi Envelope, Chefkirk, Johan Ess, jde, Christopher Byler, DJ Deadfinger, SatisHouse, Local Duo, 3P1L3PT1C F1T, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Ghost Fields, Tom Smith, Big Whatever, Travis Johnson, Textual, Adikt, Kragle, Rauh, Oddknock, Luminous In Nummer, Cult Cosmos, Black Stabbath, Newton, Isabelle Gunn, Frog, DJ SKA, Jody Luna, Xingu, AG Davis, Bánh Mì Soundsystem, p.sparrow, & c-c.

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