Various Artists – “Songs In The Key of Ⓝ”

Songs In The Key of Ⓝ cover
Various ArtistsSongs In The Key of Ⓝ

Songs In The Key of Ⓝ serves as a compendium of many varieties of recordings, including but not limited to commissioned songs, ghost-written pieces, jingles, parodies, song poems, voicemails, personalized tracks, and crowdsourced audio. Each was collected, solicited, and otherwise produced sometime during the period of 2003-2014, but all have one common thread: Newton.

Each track is presented in its original Hi-Fi / Lo-Fi / No-fi quality.

Tracks by: Arny Australia, Banjoman, Ben Gunn & Gaz Edwards, Brandon Word, chris954, Con Tex, conspiracy of one, Eighty Bug, eyani1, fockstrot, Giantship Records Song Shop, Grandpa the Don, Hampton Lamoureux, Hazzard Street Crew, Henry and Jerry, infaredmusik, Insane Bob, Isaku Kageyama, ishmusic, Jana Barros, Justin Allen Pierce, Kaitlynn Murria, Klowdz and Munkey, l of Charlemagne, Legendary Fun, Legit Best Covers, Loomer’s Emporium, Maria Lua, Microwave Walrus, Monkosaur Productions, MoocH 1, Neigh Kid Horse, Nicole Murray, Prince Fontaine, Psychonthemic, Qdog 83, Raps4u, Robot Teammate and the Accidental Party, Ryan Dinho, scottyz_kosher, Sellerss, Shada Watkins, ShiftyPOP, Son of Newton, Special Breh Barbershop Quartet, Taylor Karras, The Ukulele Bandito, Tito Comedy, Tony Clifton, trcapromo, uwbobsledders, Vandi Design, Wordfunky

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Newton / Winter Ritual split Cassette


Newton / Winter Ritual
Spirit Throne Tapes
split Cassette

Newton drags the A-side through the sewer and lets you rest in the grime with two tracks of knob twisting scuzz. Winter Ritual’s B-side is a looped affair, repeating and repeating while you think about what you’ve done.


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Newton – Plays Negativland’s “U2”



San Francisco bay area-based culture-jamming band, Negativland, has broken its silence regarding the passing of Casey Kasem. The late radio legend who just passed was featured prominently on Negativland’s 1991 EP/maxi-single “U2” (released & withdrawn by SST/Seeland) which has been a touchstone of the band’s career ever since.

In tribute, Negativland is offered the original multi-track master of the song for free download with the intent of allowing anyone and everyone to re-work the seminal track.

Newton has accepted this invitation and has created unique mixes. With these works he will not only pay tribute to the late radio legend, but also to U2, and Negativland themselves as their EP “U2” with its well-documented legal battles has influenced Newton’s perspectives on sound.

From: Hal Stakke, Legal Counsel/Seeland Records
Subject: In Memoriam, Kemal Amin “Casey” Kasem (27 April 1932 – 15 June 2014): Negativland releases “U2” tracks for remixing and reuse

One of the most beloved voices in music radio, Kemal Amin “Casey” Kasem, died on Fatherʼs Day 2014 after a long illness, and also a very public family squabble over his continuing care. Negativland pays tribute to this broadcasting legend by reaching into its vaults and presenting what is perhaps Kasemʼs best-known work, on Negativlandʼs long-unavailable “U2” maxi- single, offering up for public consumption (and now, for creative reuse) what has been hidden from view for 23 years.

In 1991, Negativlandʼs “U2” single had one of the shortest releases in music history, squashed like a bug after less than ten days on store shelves, under legal fire from the Irish rock band U2ʼs music publisher (Warner/Chappell) and then-record label (Island). The history of this fracas was detailed in Negativland’s book and CD release, “Fair Use: The Story of the Letter U and the Numeral 2” (Seeland 013).

Now, instead of merely reissuing the “U2” record itself, Negativland presents, for free digital download, the original un-mixed studio multi-track tape for re-mixing, re-purposing and re- inventing in whichever way the listener may choose. Negativland encourages the re- contextualization of this seminal work for whatever reason, whatsoever. In keeping with the working methods and philosophy of Negativland, and the Fair Use provision in U.S. Copyright Law (Section 107,, the group offers up this raw material in the hopes that entirely new versions of the work are created and disseminated.

Members of Negativland pose with their attorney, Hal Stakke

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T Func / Plus Whatever “Purge Once More” split cassette

T Func / Plus Whatever “Purge Once More”
Cephias Treat
split cassette

Not much can be said about T Func that hasn’t been said already. Remember how back in the old’n days geniuses would be berated, belittled, and persecuted by those who didn’t know any better? A T Func set is a lot like that but now he’s hitting the airwaves.

Crawling on the flip is Plus Whatever, a pair of sisters who chipped their teeth in nearby Orlando for a little while, honing their congenital choreography. Now they are offering you to face the challenge of creating your own routine, be it exercise or exorcism.

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Radio Shock “Trapper Keeper” 7″ + bonus remix EP

Radio Shock Trapper Keeper 7
Radio Shock “Trapper Keeper”
Decoherence Records

Radio Shock is the one-man project of M.P. Lockwood, making music that falls somewhere between noise, Now Wave, and DIY electronics. Coming into existence during the fertile ’00s, this release marks a bold new era for this reinvigorated project.

“Trapper Keeper” is already a hit from live shows, here given a proper recording and single treatment. The b-side, paying tribute to Radio Shock‘s roots, is a cover of Wolf Eyes‘ “Imagine Yourself As Me” (from their first self-titled album). It features guest vocals by Admiral Grey, singer for the band Cellular Chaos.

Pressed onto a green vinyl 7″ record, each order also includes a digital download of the 2 tracks, and as an added bonus, a download of an 8-track EP of remixes by Poingly, Newton, No.213, Yakuza Dance Mob, Women of Rock, Smhoak Mosheein, Logan Terkelsen, and Mix Meister Jonny Wray.


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