“The Two Benjis ✌ Remix” Cassette

Two Benji’s
Various ArtistsThe Two Benjis ✌ Remix
Refulgent Sepulchre

Two Benji’s2

pro dubbed
C62 edition of 100
three color hand printed liners, b/w insert

Deep in the mutated heart of the “Fishtown” three strange young men made an attempt to play “normal” rock music. They failed, and in an effort to salvage their vision they began making recordings separately, coming together with those recordings and playing them in what could technically be called music. Years later the world is growing to love this freakish entity known as Form a Log.

Now, for some reason, Refulgent Sepulchre brings you the REMIX of their hit record “The Two Benji’s” (out on vinyl from good friends DECOHERENCE)

A wildly entertaining and bemusing mix of bangers/stumpers the remix embodies the weird spirit of a truly original band.

Form A Log “The Two Benjis ✌ Remix”
Chain Valet (Quicksails Mix)
Landline (LACK Mix)
Sushi Night Club (Sam’s Hand Roll – Samantha Vacation Mix)
Gentle Leader (Homeworld Mix)
Tape it to the Dog (Khaki Blazer Mix)
The Two Benji’s (Ironing Mix)

Hypermodern (Internet Radio Edit – Newton Mix)
Tape it to the Dog (All Tapes are Dogs – Puff Mutt Mix)
Jewel Case (Lord of the Toe Rings Mix)
Diamond Pressure (Probation Mix by Outmode)
Cop Knock (Diamond Pressure Remix)
Jewel Case (Unguent Mix)
The Two Benji’s (Indignant Senility Mix)
Country (Khaki Blazer Mix)

Two Benji’s3

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Newton – “Untitled (INC 2014)”

INC 2014
NewtonUntitled (INC 2014)

Originally released in physical form as a CDr in a private edition of 25 by Breathmint for International Noise Conference 2014 in Miami, Florida.
CDrs were housed in recycled cardboard sleeves, hand stamped.

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The Museum Of Microcassette Art: Dubb Normal “Mixt Ape”


Dubb NormalMixt Ape
The Museum Of Microcassette Art

some new recordings and some going back to the late 80’s

Sounds Include:
Unborn Baby Heart Beat
Windshield Wipers
God Tussi Great Ho
Vacuum On EMAC
and Interview Quest!

Some people featured:
Christy Brown
Janet Flora
Heather Rice is all like “who the fuck is Jenny Jones!?”
Ron Hicks “that’s a serious question”..
Lindsay Smith
Newton doing a live Microcassettor commercial
Rachel Victoria getting so violated, confused, talkative, & nervous…
art by Abbey Lee Sarver

I am pleased and proud to announce the MOMA album by Dubb Normal – aka Justin Waters of Atlanta, Georgia. He is one of the people who inspired me to pursue microcassette audio art. His Microcassettor project in the first decade of the 2000s was a crucial introduction to the MAD WORLD of microcassette art and noise!
– Hal McGee

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Various Artists “Now That’s What I Call Mabson 2013”

Now That's What I Call Mabson 2013
Various ArtistsNow That’s What I Call Mabson 2013
Mabson Enterprises

Compilation of top 40 songs from the year 2013 collected over social media. BOOM

Tracks by: Adam healton, Alexis Gideon, and chauncey tails, Beta Romeo, Big Whatever, Blown, Bubblegum Octopus, Caleb Stone, Carnage & Caruso Music Factory, chad roulette, Cristopher Danko, Cruise Remix, Damien Blaise, Dirty Preston presents Lil’ Mabson, DJ Alex Sciarra, dj mdmHEY, dj Skull Vomit, FrzE, Geoff Geis, GRYPT, Guggenheim, Gurl Crush, GUT REHAB, HOTT MT, jack topht, JacksWasted, Jacob Safari, James Nasty, Juniper Caire, Laco$te, little cake, LOL, Luna Is Honey, margot pauline padilla, Matthew Teardrop, Michael McClelland, Monogamy, Murphy TheLaw, Necedah, New Canada, Newton, NUT, Party Trash, Peter Moran, Poingly, Radioactive Chicken Heads, Rich Seymour, Schwarz, Simo Soo, Sir Brian David Watson, Sperm Snake, sqrl, Symphonie, Tabor Allen and Danny Miller, Ted Stevens (R-DJ), The Pete Repeat Experience, the Suicide Magnets, tik///tik, Treasure Mammal, V&J, Wether, whisperkid, Whqles, Windy

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Newton “Rotting Rainbows b/w Goodbye Candle Haus”

Newton - Rotting Rainbows b_w Goodbye Candle Haus cover
NewtonRotting Rainbows b/w Goodbye Candle Haus
Rainbow Bridge Recordings

A bogglin tape-heavy + out of this world noisy collage from a hardcore vet of bizarrities you all know and love. Maybe you know him as half of FUN or his gorgeous label called BREATHMINT.

Side A’s an assault of every god damn color in the spectrum. Sounds like total synth madness with a dizzying stereo image panning party. Side B is the legendary and much anticipated and super confusing collage masterpiece of a bunch of super drunk friends of mine totally trashing the basement of Candle Haus, complete with lots of glass, after their last show before they all broke up and ruined the noise scene in Fairfax, VA. – Justin Marc Lloyd

Black ink on either light blue, yellow, pale dark red, neon orange, lime green/white zebra print, or dark violet card stock, hand-numbered.





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